Contract Negotiation:

At IHC, contract negotiation begins first and foremost with our clients. We work closely with our clients to ensure that every contract adheres to their needs and goals. Our expertise and research help us create value and identify the best opportunities for our clients’ future.

Marketing and Endorsements:

At IHC, our research and analysis help identify the best endorsements and create partnerships that provide another profitable revenue stream for our clients. We use our expertise in marketing to grow client brands and build a foundation for future endorsement deals. Our goal is to maximize our client brands to create long-term and sustainable client success.

Prospect Advisory:

IHC creates personal relationships with families and prospects while educating them and guiding them through all levels of hockey. We use our experience and expertise to identify the optimal career routes. We take a day-by-day approach to monitor progress. We advocate for clients in the hockey world to find the best, most suitable teams across various leagues, levels across North America, and Europe.

Specialized Training and Nutrition Programs:

Our program includes completing a 12-week off-season fitness and nutrition program tailored to the player’s unique needs and goals. Bi-weekly sessions with a mental health expert to promote a healthier mind and body. We offer access to on/off-ice training opportunities and camps, featuring instruction from elite-level trainers and former NHL pros.

Video Analysis:

At IHC, We use detailed video analysis to help players improve and take their game to the next level. We study the shifts/games of each player and identify places of improvement.

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